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Hackney Ham (the best Christmas ham you'll ever have!)


We have been trying lots of different recipes for glazed ham recently, in the run up to Christmas, and this one really delivers on flavour!

Chicken, Chorizo and Squash Stew

The last couple of days have been really dreich (as my dear Scottish Mum would have exclaimed). Skies the colour of dishwater, a continuous damp drizzle that isn't proper rain, but without an umbrella still manages to soak you through, and whipping winds that render an umbrella useless anyway. Urgh. Our recent ten day break staying in a tiny fishing village in South Corfu (sea water gently slapping the shore was about as loud as it got, and we spent our days guzzling freshly caught seafood and quaffing wine - bliss) seems so far away now.

A Healthy Salad (for Brendan)

Here is a quick and healthy warm salad I rustled up one night for my friend, Brendan. He has recently found out he has type 2 diabetes so has been advised by his Doc to cut sugars and certain fats out of his diet. I probably shouldn't have put the potatoes in there but, considering his normal diet (which is - whatever he grabs downstairs in the supermarket to heat up in the oven, plus copious quantities of beer) this meal is kinda verging on Sushi for him!

Summery Squid Salad

With the heatwave upon us, this is a fantastic light, crunchy, colourful dish that is a doddle to make and looks so pretty. We BBQ'd our squid but if you don't have a BBQ you can just as easily sear the squid for thirty seconds in a very hot pan for a similar result. As with any seafood, you want the squid to be as fresh as possible so try to source a decent fishmonger. We buy all our fish from Danny at The Fishery and would thoroughly recommend them for North Londoners.

Juicy Savoury Ribeye Steak

Not so much a recipe  - more of an idea...

I cooked this round at a friends the other night when we were in a hurry and starving hungry. We served it with a great dollop of fluffy mashed potato (with a lot of butter and seasoning), a handful of peas and a mountain of sticky caramelised onions - very basic, but very tasty.

Smear Gregor's all over your (room temperature) steaks and leave to marinade briefly while you get your griddle pan (or any heavy-based pan) smoking hot. Nb: there is no need to oil the pan or the steak as the oils in Gregor's Dressing are already there.

Marinated Roast Salmon

And... after our yummy goats cheese starter (see earlier blog) we tucked into this....

Being a bit fed up with potatoes, potatoes, potatoes we served up our salmon with roasted romanesco cauliflower and fennel (simply chopped up in chunks, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, seasoned and roasted for 30-40 min till crisy and caramelised).

romanesco cauliflower... so pretty


For the salmon - per person:

Creamy Goats Cheese Toast


We had this last night as a quick starter, round at our cobber Tony's place, but it would be grand as a main meal if you just double up the quantities. It's so basic that you don't really need a recipe, but here goes....


Winter Warmer Sausage Stew

Right now its absolutely freezing outside, so cold that I actually got a bus home from the local high street as I had lost the feeling in my fingers and toes! This Umami-packed sausage stew is a food-duvet of deliciousness. Proper comfort food for a Wintery night. All it needs is a mountain of buttery mash and a glass (or three) of what you fancy.

Quick Tasty Chook Recipe


This is a really easy, delicious recipe for chicken legs. We served this with a watercress and rocket salad (also dressed in Gregor's Dressing - but then we are fans) and crunchy roast spuds, but it would work equally well with any other salad/vegetables you might have floating around.

Our Lovely Cards

Getting excited about our new cards!

A Big Thanks



The team at Gregor's Dressings are getting excited about our new product! We have been fortunate enough to work with an amazing designer, Shona Andrew, who understood our brief and concept perfectly - more so than we understood ourselves! We would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer with vision, creativity and invaluable input. We are loving the label she designed for our samples.

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