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Quick Tasty Chook Recipe

roast chicken quick recipe umami salad dressing


This is a really easy, delicious recipe for chicken legs. We served this with a watercress and rocket salad (also dressed in Gregor's Dressing - but then we are fans) and crunchy roast spuds, but it would work equally well with any other salad/vegetables you might have floating around.

Serves 2: Two plump, free-range, corn fed chicken legs with thighs attached (our pack was .6kg), a generous slug of Gregors Original Umami Dressing, coarsley ground black pepper and a pinch of sea salt

Heat oven to 220C/fan 200/gas 7. Dry the chicken thighs with kitchen paper then slash the flesh a few times - just give it a good few jabs. Pour over the Umami Dressing and give the legs a nice massage to get all the lovely flavours into the flesh and skin. You can leave the legs to marinade up to a day but we didnt bother as we were famished. Salt & pepper the skin then bung in your hot oven for roughly 40min.

The marinade will mix with the juices to make a lovely sauce and the skin will be crisp and sticky. Yum.

Apologies for the poor snap from my phone. I had planned to take a pic of the completed meal but Gregor was gnawing on his chicken bones by the time I located my camera.