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Juicy Savoury Ribeye Steak

Not so much a recipe  - more of an idea...

I cooked this round at a friends the other night when we were in a hurry and starving hungry. We served it with a great dollop of fluffy mashed potato (with a lot of butter and seasoning), a handful of peas and a mountain of sticky caramelised onions - very basic, but very tasty.

Smear Gregor's all over your (room temperature) steaks and leave to marinade briefly while you get your griddle pan (or any heavy-based pan) smoking hot. Nb: there is no need to oil the pan or the steak as the oils in Gregor's Dressing are already there.


Sear the steaks for a few minutes on each side, until the surface is charred and caramelised.

Then take a clean chopping board, and drizzle more of Gregor's Dressing all over it. Grind a little salt and pepper to the board, then place your cooked steaks on the board to rest, letting all the steak juices mingle with the dressing, turning over a couple of times.


While your meat is resting in all its savoury juices, caramelise your onions in a heavy based pan (or re-use the griddle pan) until sticky, moist and just turning brown and crisp round the edges.

When your steak has rested you can slice into thick junks getting all the sides coated in the lovely juicy sauce. Any remaining juices can be bunged in with the onions for more savoury flavours.



Done! Serve with anything you's our dinner...