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A Healthy Salad (for Brendan)

Here is a quick and healthy warm salad I rustled up one night for my friend, Brendan. He has recently found out he has type 2 diabetes so has been advised by his Doc to cut sugars and certain fats out of his diet. I probably shouldn't have put the potatoes in there but, considering his normal diet (which is - whatever he grabs downstairs in the supermarket to heat up in the oven, plus copious quantities of beer) this meal is kinda verging on Sushi for him! He was also advised to partake of twenty minutes brisk walk every day - so on enquiring where his 'brisk walk' took him the other day was rather bemused at his reply of "down to Best Kebabs on the High Street and back" Tut Tut.

Anyhoos, to cut a long story short, this tasty wee treasure is what I came up with the other night!

Feeds Four

Ingredients: rough quantities

4 fillets (8 if you are v hungry) of hot smoked salmon or hot smoked trout or smoked mackerel (they all work well)

roughly 5 small waxy new potatoes per person or less if bigger (just cut em in half)

a bunch of English asparagus

a head of brocolli

a couple of handfuls of frozen peas

a couple of handfuls of green beans

a couple of handfuls of sugarsnap peas

a couple of handfuls of radishes (cut in half)

a generous splash of Gregor's Original Umami Dressing & Marinade

The picture is pretty self-explanatory but basically:

...boil your spuds until cooked and allow to cool a little while you prep your veg. Snap any woody ends off of the asparagus and griddle in a very hot pan until nicely charred, then put to one side. Chop your broccoli into florets, then, with the peas and beans, steam until just cooked but still crisp.

To serve: simply toss your potatoes, asparagus, peas, beans and radishes together in a generous glug of Gregor's then arrange on a plate with your fish atop. Dead simple and actually very yum!

To prove it here is a picture of Brendan getting ready to dig in...