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Creamy Goats Cheese Toast


We had this last night as a quick starter, round at our cobber Tony's place, but it would be grand as a main meal if you just double up the quantities. It's so basic that you don't really need a recipe, but here goes....


  • 200gms ripe goats cheese
  • bag of mixed salad leaves (peppery leaves are good to balance out the richness of the cheese)
  • ciabatta loaf
  • Gregor's Original Umami Dressing

Slice your bread into generous slabs and smear a little olive oil on each side, then grill lightly till the bread takes on a hint of colour. Top with thick slices of goats cheese and drizzle with Gregor's, then pop back under the grill until the cheese starts to melt and bubble. Pop the crispy, gooey cheesey toasts on top of a couple of handfuls of salad (dressed with Gregor's) and there. you're done! Mmm Mmm

Thanks to Shona for this tasty idea. It was delicious!